Plant Health Care

From the initial planting of a sapling to full grown mature trees, understanding how to keep the plants on your property healthy can help ensure they live a long life without causing any damaging or disease issues. If you’ve recently purchased a new property or previously inherited some trees which have gone uncared for and are looking to revitalize their existence or potentially have them removed completely then we can also help. While many people are at least vaguely familiar with the necessary healthcare associated with tending to house plants - water, sunlight, etc. - trees also require some care in order to provide them a quality environment, especially when they’re young. Not only are the elements of sunlight and water levels important to these saplings, but often some type of bracing is needed in order to offer support and keep the tree growing in a vertical position. This can typically be achieved either with the use of straps and stakes or by having splints placed alongside the trunk.

Plant health care also involves the ability to spot any potential issues prior to them becoming a full fledged or potentially hazardous condition. Whether these potential occurrences are brought on by pests or the absence of quality and appropriate care, taking necessary steps to prevent the spread of disease or damages to an individual tree or entire landscape is extremely important. As with any living creature - proper health care is an important component to ensuring a long and full life. 

Root Tree Service is licensed by the department of AG and are often consulted by the City of Denver and Denver Water to assist with tree health issues. Root maintains private homes and even entire nurseries. 

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