Property Assessments

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Property Assessments

An initial property assessment, regardless of the current state of affairs, can go a long way in determining what is right for your landscape. Depending on where your land is located, there will always be outlying conditions which make each and every situation unique. While some general principles do exist, just because you’ve seen something work before, doesn’t mean it will always pan out. Instead, trust the professional and ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps for all of the plants, trees, and humans in your life.

Damage Report

In the event of severe weather, the possibility of sustaining storm damage exists no matter where you are located. For this area, concern should not only be prevalent in the spring and summer months but winter can also wreak havoc on your current landscape. Trees may become weighted down with increasing snow amounts and ice has also been known to cause major issues. If the trees located on your property are in bad health, then the risk is increased even more. A property assessment will help to evaluate the damage sustained to your trees, what needs to be done, and clean up efforts in the event one or more has fallen. 

Fixes and More

A general overview prior to sustained damage can help to rectify any potential issues before they become problematic. Just as individuals are recommended to receive an annual physical from their medical care provider, regular professional checks of your property can go a long way in helping to protect your family, property, and valuables. Searching for unhealthy trees, limbs, and branches which have the potential to cause damage and a plan to rectify any issues is important. Each situation is different, in some instances only a few twigs may need to be removed, a tree might need to be pruned on a certain schedule, or (in rare circumstances) the entire tree, stump, and roots may need to be taken out.


Understanding the importance of these measures is critical to sustaining a healthy environment for your landscape. After a general overview, improvement recommendations can be offered to help prevent any future issues. In addition, if you are planting new trees or developing a property, thorough knowledge of how these different trees will grow and react to where they are being planted is important. If the crown of a tree will expand a certain diameter at maturity, then planting too close to the house or other structures may cause issues at a later date. It is these types of situations which can be avoided with a general overview and recommendations for improvements on your land. Even when everything is in good standing, professional assurance allows homeowners to rest comfortably with their current landscape situation.

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