Stump Grinding

Most tree removal projects, no matter the reasoning, do not include stump eradication although trunks will typically be cut as close to the ground as possible. Stump grinding services are available in addition to the removal or in the case that you have a pre-existing subject(s) in need or removal. Stumps can be unsightly, causing an eyesore along a well manicured landscape, in addition to being potentially hazardous in areas where they are located. In residential features, these stumps often take up much needed space in a yard while posing tripping hazards for those wishing to enjoy time outside.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to have stumps removed but it also immediately provides more useful space and leaving behind the remnants of a plant may lead to other potentially dangerous conditions. In addition to being a burden in terms of causing an accident for unaware passerbys, stumps may also serve as hosts for plant parasites, animals, and possess the potential for some type of regrowth to occur. If not eradicated entirely, these issues could cause more problems in the future for homeowners to deal with accordingly.

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