What to Do if Your Trees Get Damaged By Wind

The Front Range is well-known for high wind conditions during the spring and summer. Unfortunately, those windy days do far more than tear down fences and make enjoying the great outdoors challenging at best. They also put your trees at risk of damage, often leading to broken branches and even uprooted trees in yards across the greater Denver area. If your trees get damaged by the wind, you’ll want to deal with them as quickly as possible and that means knowing where to start. Here are a few key tasks you’ll want to take care of as soon as the winds subside.

Check for Dangling Branches and Limbs
Windstorms can easily break branches and while many of them will fall harmlessly, some will get stuck in the trees’ canopies. These branches represent a major safety hazard to both you and your property. If those limbs fall when you’re outside, they can injure you in a matter of seconds and if they fall on your car, your roof, or your patio furniture, they can damage those items, too.

Before you get close to a tree to inspect it for damage, check the canopy. If you see limbs dangling or caught in other branches, don’t get close to the tree. Instead, call a professional and let them safely remove the damaged branches.

Pick up What You Can
Debris tends to get thrown around your yard after severe windstorms and, while leaving it where it falls may not hurt your landscaping, it can become an eyesore quickly. Instead, pick up what you can. Small twigs and branches can easily be hauled away and disposed of. However, if there are larger branches that you can’t lift or move safely, leave them in place. You’ll want to hire an experienced tree care team to move the debris you can’t safely. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself.

Get Your Trees Inspected
Anytime a branch breaks off of a tree, it creates an injury or weak point for the tree itself. The site of the injury can attract unwanted pests and makes the tree vulnerable to disease if left untreated. Instead of leaving things up to chance, get your trees inspected by a professional as soon as you can. The sooner you do, the sooner they’ll be able to prune and trim the tree to encourage healthy recovery and growth.

Make a Plan for the Future
Though it’s impossible to completely prevent wind damage, there are things you can do to better prepare your trees for those inevitable windstorms. Stay on top of routine pruning and get your trees inspected by your trusted plant health care team at least once a year. This will ensure that your trees are strong enough to withstand damage during the bulk of the windy season.

Keep Your Trees in Good Condition, Even on Windy Days
Wind damage can wreak havoc on your yard. Keep these tips in mind and schedule a consultation with Root Tree Service today. Our dedicated team will help you clean up after storms and identify ways to protect your trees from future damage. 

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