Why Annual Property Assessments Will Benefit You

December 21, 2021

So you’re looking to get some landscaping done or maybe take care of a tree that’s fallen down in your backyard. When you call Root Tree Service for assistance, the first thing they will want to do is assess your property for what needs to be done. Let’s take a closer look at what this process might look like and how it can benefit you!

Plant Health

One reason you might want a property assessment is to determine what type of foliage is best for your specific property. Everyone’s property is different and will have different challenges to work around. Certain trees and plants will grow and react differently according to your home’s environment. Knowing what plants and trees will work best for your property can prevent disease or damage to your plant life. What works for someone else’s property might not work for yours, so keep an open mind! Having Root Tree Service professionals assess your landscape can help assure your plant’s health and longevity, which is important to all of us! You can rest assured that the plants and trees on your property will be right for your home’s climate and landscape, all while looking beautiful year round! 

Preventative Measures

Severe weather and storm damage can happen anywhere! Property assessments can be done as a preventative measure for severe weather mishaps. A property assessment can tell you where to plant a tree so if a storm occurs your tree will be less likely to fall on your home! Property assessments can save you money by preventing future repair costs for your home and valuables. You probably wouldn’t be very happy if a tree fell on your garage after a storm and crushed your motorcycle. It is important to take preventative measures to keep your loved ones and your valuables safe!

Damage Report

Unfortunately, sometimes damage to your home does happen after a storm. Whether your entire front tree fell on your car or if a heavy branch simply broke off from the weight of too much snow, a damage report will be needed. A property assessment can be done to inspect how bad the damage is, if clean up efforts are necessary, and what to do next. Once the immediate damage is taken care of, you can move forward in the process of deciding what can be done to make sure further damage does not happen to your property in the future. Whether the damage is big or small, Root Tree Service has got you covered!


The benefits of having an annual property assessment are vast. Not only do property assessments protect your family and home, they can also find problems on your property before they get too out of hand or become a much larger issue. For example, you can utilize pest prevention tactics to protect your foliage before an infestation breaks out. Property assessments can also let you know that it is time to trim your tree branches so that your tree can continue to grow straight and strong. Making these types of small improvements to your landscape every year can help prevent damage, disease, and promote the longevity of your plants!

Catch problems on your property before they become problematic! An annual property assessment by our professionals will significantly help protect your family, property, and valuables. Visit the Root Tree Service website to request your free consultation today!
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