How Deep Root Watering Protects Your Plants

WBetween the unpredictable weather of the Front Range and the bitterly cold temperatures throughout the winter months, finding ways to prepare your trees for changing conditions is essential. If your plants aren’t ready for extreme weather, you risk losing them or having to take drastic actions just to keep them alive. Deep root watering can help you keep your trees and shrubs in great shape all winter long. Here’s how this great watering tactic will benefit your landscaping.

Protects Against Drought Conditions
Winters in the greater Denver area can be wet, dry, or somewhere in between. While wet winters mean your trees and shrubs will get the water they need to survive, dry periods put them at risk. 

Deep root watering allows you to send water directly to the bulk of the root system, ensuring that your plants are properly hydrated and able to withstand periods of low moisture with ease. And since deep root watering ensures that water reaches the roots without evaporating, you’ll use less water overall.

Preserves Plants’ Ability to Withstand Pests
When trees and shrubs don’t get enough water, their systems become distressed. This makes them more susceptible to disease, pests, and damage. By implementing deep root watering in the fall and winter months, you’ll preserve your plants’ ability to fight off common diseases and combat pest infestations without the use of harsh chemicals and insecticides. 

Helps Stabilize Against Wind
Spring along the Front Range can be incredibly windy. Those winds can easily knock down trees and leave your yard in need of some serious TLC. If over the winter months, your trees and shrubs didn’t get enough water, their root systems may be weaker and unable to withstand the force of the winds. By watering them properly, you’ll give your trees a fighting chance against the wind once the weather starts to warm up.

Reduces the Risk of Premature Death
When trees and shrubs are younger, they need a reliable water supply to thrive during changing weather conditions. Without it, they may not be able to survive the winter or may suffer extensive damage that causes them to die far sooner than they otherwise would. By taking care of deep root watering in the fall and winter months, you’ll increase the likelihood of your plants making it until the spring growing season begins. The less plant death you have on your property, the easier it will be to get your landscaping back in shape once the weather warms up. Further, you’ll save yourself money by not having to remove dead trees or bushes in the spring.

Deep Root Watering Is a Must
If you’re looking for a simple way to protect your plants and keep your trees, bushes, and landscaping looking great no matter what the weather throws their way, deep root watering is an absolute must. By watering the roots and not just the surface of the soil, you’ll keep your plants in great shape for years to come. And if your plants need a little extra care, don’t panic. Contact Root Tree Service to schedule a plant health care assessment.

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