Trunk Injection Emerald Ash Borer Treatment: What to Expect

Emerald ash borers are rapidly becoming one of the most common tree-damaging pests in the Denver area. While it’s always a good idea to take steps to prevent infestation in the first place, those preventative measures may not always work. If you have an ash borer infestation in your yard, you’ll want to schedule a treatment appointment with your trusted tree care team as soon as possible. One of the top treatment options is trunk injection. Here’s what you need to know about this type of emerald ash borer treatment and what you can expect from your treatment session.

What Is Trunk Injection?
As the name implies, trunk injection emerald ash borer treatments involve injecting insecticide right into the trunk at the base of your ash tree. Your tree care team will use special equipment to carefully drill a hole into the tree, making the tree’s inner vascular system accessible. Once the hole is drilled, your tree technician will inject the insecticide into the hole. The tree will then circulate the insecticide throughout the trunk and limbs over time.

Why This Is Effective
Emerald ash borers bore into ash trees when laying their eggs. The eggs stay inside the tree until they hatch and the larvae draw enough nutrients out of the tree to emerge as fully developed ash borers. Since the tree can circulate the insecticide throughout its system, it can effectively target infestations in different parts of the tree. Even better, the insecticides will last for months, further helping reduce the number of surviving eggs. 

What About the Damage?
Once the insecticide is in place and the infestation in your tree is under control, your tree will be able to recover from both the infestation and the trunk injection itself. However, this recovery will take time. The tree will need to grow new bark to cover the injection site which can take several months during the peak growing season. And once the ash borers are removed, your tree will need to do the same in the areas where they nested and burrowed into the wood.

Is Trunk Injection the Right Option for Your Trees?
The best way to decide which treatment option is right for your ash trees is to work with a tree care expert. They’ll be able to assess the extent of the infestation in your trees and their overall health before making a recommendation. However, if you know you have an infestation in at least one established ash tree on your property, tree injection can be a great option. It provides a high dose of concentrated insecticide that will help your tree deter future infestations and get rid of active ones.

Give Your Trees the Help They Need
Emerald ash borers can wreak serious havoc if left untreated in your yard. If you have an infestation or are worried about the condition of your trees, contact the team at Root Tree Service. Our experienced professionals will assess your trees’ needs and recommend the right treatment option to deal with the infestation quickly. 
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