All About the Remove and Replace Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

If you’re concerned about emerald ash borers in your area or know you have an active infestation, the sooner you can schedule a treatment, the better off your trees will be. But with so many treatment options available, knowing which one is best for your property isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You need to fully understand the most common treatment options before you can schedule an appointment. Let’s take a look at the details of the remove-and-replace treatment option.

What Is the Remove-and-Replace Treatment Option?
The remove-and-replace treatment option is exactly what the name implies. The tree with the active emerald ash borer infestation gets removed by an experienced tree removal specialist. Then, your tree care team plants a new, uninfected ash tree or species of your choice in its place or as close to the original placement as possible. This way, the damage is removed completely, and your landscaping takes less of a hit.

This treatment method can be combined with other treatment options. If trunk injection, soil drenching, or bark spraying fails, the remove and replace method can be used as a failsafe. 

Why It Works
Emerald ash borers can be difficult to spot at best. This often results in infestations that are years old, making the infected tree unsalvageable. Even if the infestation is caught early, there’s no absolute guarantee that other treatment methods, like trunk injection or soil drenching, will work. 

When you remove the infected tree, you’re removing the emerald ash borers entirely. That means those insects won’t be able to spread to other ash trees on your property or in your neighborhood. It’s guaranteed to work and is the only treatment option that will work 100% of the time. But that high success rate comes at a price: you lose the infected ash tree entirely. You’ll have to start over if you want an established ash tree to grow in its place, and that can take years, even under ideal conditions.

How to Tell if It’s the Right Choice for Your Home
Ultimately, the best way to decide if removal and replacement of your infected ash tree is the best option is to speak with your tree care team. They’ll be able to assess your property’s risk factors and identify the extent of the infestation in your tree. 

They’ll do everything they can to save your tree if possible, but if your tree care team determines that removal is your best option, it’s best to listen to them. They’ll only recommend this treatment option if it’s truly in the best interest of your property and your budget.

Don’t Let Emerald Ash Borers Stick Around
When it comes to getting rid of emerald ash borers, the sooner you act, the better off your trees will be. If you think you have an active infestation or are just concerned about the way your trees look, reach out to Root Tree Service today. Our experienced team will help you figure out the best treatment method for your trees. 
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