Key Signs That You Need an Emergency Tree Removal

Few things are more disruptive than discovering that you need a tree on your property removed in a hurry. While it’s easy to tell if it’s time to call your tree removal team if the tree is already down, waiting until a tree falls can expose your home and your property to significant damage. Instead of waiting for your tree to fall to schedule an emergency removal, watch for these tell-tale signs.

Your Tree’s Limbs Are Brushing Against Your Roof
When your trees were originally planted, they were likely far enough away from your home that they didn’t come close to touching the siding or your roof. But as they grow, the limbs and canopy can expand, often leading to branches brushing your roof. If you see even a single branch brushing your roof, it’s time to schedule an appointment. While your tree trimming team may be able to simply remove the limb in question, they may determine that it’s best to remove the entire tree.

The Tree Is Starting to Uproot
As trees become damaged or diseased, their roots can start to lose their purchase in the soil. Once this happens, it’s normal for the tree to start leaning and uproot. Once you start to see the tree leaning and the roots starting to lift up, it’s time to call your tree care team for an emergency removal. If left in place, there’s a good chance that the tree will fall and when it does, you risk damaging your property or, worse, injuring your loved ones if they’re in the tree’s path. Removing the tree will give you a blank slate and let you plant a new tree in its place while also preserving your safety.

The Tree Is Touching Power Lines on Your Property
Trees should ideally be planted away from any power lines on your property. But over time, they can grow far too close to the live wires. If you notice your trees touching power lines, it’s time to call your tree trimming team immediately. In many cases, they’ll be able to save the tree and remove just the branches that pose the greatest threat to the power lines. But if the tree has grown around the lines or will likely continue to grow into the wires, you may be better off removing it entirely.

It’s Already Dead
Dead trees should be removed as soon as you figure out that they’re dead. Why? Because dead trees no longer have a firm grip on the soil and can topple over under high winds and in storms. Furthermore, dead trees are an appealing habitat for insects and pests that could pose a risk to your other trees and plants. Removing it is the best way to protect your property in the long run and the sooner you do it, the better.

Call the Experts When You Have an Emergency
At Root Tree Service, our experienced team can quickly assess your property’s risk factors and help you keep your trees from posing a safety hazard on your property year round. If you notice any of these issues on your property, don’t put off scheduling an appointment. Contact us today.
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