Should You Spread Mulch in the Summer? Absolutely!

Summer will be here before you know it, and that means your trees and your landscaping will be in full bloom. But with summer comes the increased chance of drought conditions, heat, and windy weather that may threaten the safety and health of your trees. Spreading mulch can help protect your trees, but many people choose to spread mulch during the spring right before the growing season begins in earnest. While you can, spreading mulch during summer may actually be a better fit. Your Denver plant health care team explains why.

It’s Drier Than Spring
Spring can be an incredibly wet and damp season. Between the last few freezing nights and heavy rainstorms that kick off the growing season, the soil can stay moist for weeks on end. While some moisture is beneficial for your trees, too much can put strain on the roots and lead to an increased risk of mold and root rot. By spreading mulch during the spring months when soil conditions are overly wet, you’ll trap that excess moisture in the soil and against your trees’ roots. Over time, this can lead to rot which could damage your trees beyond repair. 

By waiting until summer, you’ll give the soil a chance to dry out at least a little. When the soil is dryer before the mulch is spread, you’ll only trap the amount of moisture that your trees need to thrive.

Mulch Will Protect Your Trees’ Roots From Drought Conditions
During the summer, rainstorms can be infrequent. Trapping moisture in the soil will help you save on water and reduce the risk of any water you do add around the roots of your trees from evaporating off before it can do your trees any good. By spreading mulch around your trees at the beginning of summer, you’ll already have an added layer of protection in place if drought conditions develop.

Spreading Mulch Adds Insulation Against High Temperatures
Even though Denver’s temperatures can be cooler than they are in other parts of the country, they can still climb over 100 degrees on some days. Those high temperatures combined with direct sunlight, can hurt your trees if they happen over an extended period of time. 

Spreading mulch in the summer will help keep soil temperatures around your trees’ roots cooler. This can make it easier for your trees to grow and continue putting out the leaves and flowers you’re used to seeing.

You’ll Likely See Fewer Weeds
Weeds can also spell trouble for your trees. Many species end up stealing nutrients from the soil, putting you rother trees and plants at risk. But like any plant, weeds need regular water and sunlight to grow and develop.

By spreading mulch around your trees, you’ll make it harder for weeds to grow close to their roots. That means your trees will have better access to the nutrients and water they need to thrive during the warmer months. And if you do see weeds, you’ll likely see far fewer than you otherwise would.

Spreading Mulch Should Be Part of Your Plant Health Care Routine
Spreading mulch in the summer should be part of your regular and annual plant health care routine. But it’s only one step you’ll want to take to keep your trees growing well. Let Root Tree Service help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 
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