Why You Should Plant New Trees This Summer

Summer is here and those warmer afternoons leave many Denver homeowners wanting to spend more time outdoors. While taking advantage of all that the Front Range has to offer and exploring new hiking trails, or just relaxing in a hammock can be a great place to start, it never hurts to turn your attention to your landscaping. Adding flower beds can make your home look more attractive, but planting new trees this summer can have even greater benefits. Here’s why you should plant trees in your yard this summer.

It’s a Great Activity for Kids of All Ages
Planting trees can be a great family-friendly activity for kids of all ages. Encourage your kids to grab a shovel and help dig a hole large enough for your new trees and let them help position the tree in the hole so it can thrive. You can use the opportunity to explain the growing cycle and get your kids to help water your new trees during the growing season.

This can help teach responsibility and give your kids a sense of ownership over a part of your home.

You’ll Increase the Shade on Your Property
Even smaller trees can create shade. And every little bit of shade around your yard can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable during the summer months. And as your trees grow, they’ll produce even more shade that can help reduce the amount of direct sunlight that your home receives. The more shade your home gets, the less your air conditioning will have to run to keep your home comfortable. While it might take time to see the full effects of this benefit, the sooner you plant new trees, the sooner you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

The Weather Is Milder
Planting and taking care of new trees takes work. And trying to squeeze proper planting preparation and ongoing care into the spring months can be difficult when it’s rainy and cold. During the summer months, the weather is milder, making it easier for you and your family to plant new trees and take care of them during the growing season.

New Trees Can Still Add Value to Your Home
Though mature trees typically add the most value to your home, new trees can still increase your property value, especially when they’re planted with intention and cared for during the summer months. If you’re planning on selling your home at the end of the summer or in early fall, having new trees will show prospective buyers that you care for the property. This can make it easier to sell your home and could help you get a better asking price.

You’ll See an Increase in Wildlife
New trees, like most plants, can attract beneficial wildlife that can delight your kids and your furry family members. You’ll see squirrels, bees, birds, and other common critters and can watch as they enjoy your new trees. Even better, those critters can help the rest of the plants on your property thrive by getting rid of pests and helping to pollinate plants so they produce new growth reliably.

Need Help Dealing With Old and Damaged Trees?
At Root Tree Service, we know that adding new trees to your landscaping can be incredibly beneficial. But if you have old or damaged trees, getting rid of them before you start planting can be the best first step. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
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