Denver Tree Trimming: When You Need More Than DIY

Most people love the look of trees in their yard and enjoy the shade and beauty they provide. But often these same people don’t know too much about tree maintenance. They may take care of some of the basics themselves, such as removing a branch that is dead or in the way of removing heavy snow before it damages the tree. But how do you know when you should look to the professionals for Denver area tree trimming? There are some rules of thumb when it comes time to call in the pros: If you are unsure of how to handle something or if it appears your tree is in distress, it’s best to reach out to professional tree trimmers rather than try to do it yourself.

Here are some situations where it’s in your best interest to call a professional tree trimming service.

Your Tree Is Getting Big and Growing Out of Control

Some trees grow more quickly than others, and when they start to grow so big that you can’t prune them safely yourself, it’s time to leave it up to the professionals. If your tree branches are so overgrown that they are threatening structures—either yours or your neighbor’s—they need to be trimmed. The professionals have the machinery to get them up high in a safe manner.

You Don’t Have the Right Equipment to Do the Job Properly

Most homeowners have lawnmowers in their garage, but they usually don’t have the pole saws, clippers, handsaws, and shears necessary for trees to be trimmed or removed properly. Without the proper tools, you can cause damage to a tree. You also run the risk a serious injury while trying to do the job without the proper tools. Calling in a tree professional makes the most sense in this situation.

You Need to Remove a Tree

Tree removal can be trickier than people think—especially if it’s a large tree with a deep root system. An older tree with a complicated root system could be entangled with cables and pipes below the ground. Trying to remove a tree yourself can cause costly damage. (Read this article to see how tree roots can actually grow into the pipes underground.)

Your Tree Has Branches That Are Close to Powerlines

If your tree is tall enough that it is close to powerlines, you can hurt yourself if you try to trim the tree yourself. If the tree comes into contact with the powerlines, you could cause an outage that your neighbors will not appreciate—and even worse, you could electrocute yourself. This is not the time to do it yourself!

Contact the Professionals at Root Tree Service

Don’t risk the health of your trees or your own safety. Call a professional tree trimming service to handle the project for you. Root Tree Service is family-owned and family-operated, and we have been servicing the Denver area for years. Our commitment to delivering quality service shows in everything we do. Give us a call for all of your tree needs. Contact us for a free estimate today!
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