List From Denver Tree Trimming Service of Trees That Thrive in Colorado

Colorado is not the easiest place to have a garden or to grow anything—and that includes trees. No homeowner wants to invest in an expensive tree, only to have it die within a year. It’s crucial that homeowners treat their trees properly, which can include a professional tree trimming service to help care for trees. But it’s also a good idea to plant those trees that have a better chance of surviving and thriving in our often-harsh Front Range climate.
The following trees make excellent additions to your landscape. Known as fast-growers, they will add beauty and shade to your property in no time.

Cottonwood Trees

These are one of the fastest-growing species and can add upwards of 6-feet each year. When they are mature, they are well over 100 feet tall. Their size means they are a great source of shade. There is one caveat with this fast-grower: Because they grow so quickly, their wood is somewhat weaker. It’s best to plant these in a location where there won’t be a risk of a branch breaking and falling onto your home or other property.  

Catalpa Trees

Catalpas don’t get as tall as cottonwoods, so they provide a more versatile addition to landscapes. Planting and caring for these trees is easy. They provide great shade and a welcome home for birds and other wildlife. They also provide a significant wind barrier.  With flowers that appear in the spring and typically last well into the summer months, these trees enhance the look of your landscape. It will happen quickly with their fast overall growth rate.
Silver Maple Trees

Maple trees are common—and popular—across the country, and these trees are a great option for Colorado homeowners. Given the growth rate of these trees, they have the same issue as cottonwoods in terms of weaker wood. These trees can be more easily damaged, and branches can break off under the weight of heavy snow. Before planting, careful consideration should be given to location to ensure broken branches don’t fall onto your home.

Blue Spruce Trees

Blue spruce trees, the official tree of Colorado, are a treat addition to landscapes. They offer privacy and a windbreak. Many landscapers use these trees as a focal point of a yard design.  The healthy Colorado blue spruce is a symmetrical, triangular shape that many people consider an ideal Christmas tree. The beauties stay a deep evergreen all year round.

White Oak Trees

Somewhat slower to grow than the other trees mentioned here, these trees provide great shade and are highly durable. They have strong branches that are able to withstand snowy winters. They grow to be about 60 to 70 feet in height.

To read more about planting the right trees for the Front Range, take a look at the booklet published by Colorado State University: Front Range Recommendation List. It includes a lot of supplemental information to guide homeowners on what species of trees are most likely to thrive.

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