Signs That Your Tree Might Need Emergency Services

Trees are great additions to your yard because they can add not only curb appeal to your property, but they also provide shade and texture. Taking care of your trees is crucial if they are to live a long life. Unfortunately, issues can arise that can impact the health of your trees—as well as cause damage to your property and put your family at risk of injury. When you need emergency services for your trees, Root Tree Service is available.
It’s not always easy to know whether you need emergency tree services, but here are some signs to watch for.

Damage From a Storm

We get plenty of storms along the Front Range, and spring storms, in particular, with their heavy, wet snow can cause damage to trees. If a tree branch has topped over or if a branch has fallen down, you need to contact the professionals for emergency services for your tree. Even a regular storm with strong winds can be enough to take down a tree that is already unhealthy or in distress. Fallen tree limbs can cause property damage if they fall onto a car, and they can harm someone who has the misfortune of walking below the branch as it falls. 

Abnormal Leaning

If you suddenly notice that your tree is leaning when it wasn’t before—especially if it is leaning over a pathway or a structure—you should have it looked at by a tree professional. Some diseases, such as fungal infections, can cause the tree’s stability to suffer. Fungal infections that spread from the roots up through the tree can cause the tree to lean.

Trees can naturally start leaning over time if they are exposed to high winds, and you can try to anchor it into an upright position with stakes in the ground (if the tree is small enough). A good rule of thumb, however, is that if a tree is leaning at an angle of 15 degrees or more, it needs help from a professional. It might even need to be removed.

Too Close to Power Lines

If your neighborhood power lines are above ground, you should be aware that space is needed between trees and power lines. When the weather is wet, electricity can arc as far as 10 feet, and if your tree is too close, this can cause a power failure or property damage. You should not attempt to prune a tree that is close to power lines yourself; be sure to call a professional.

Trunk Damage

Another sign you may need emergency tree service is if your tree has severe trunk damage. Trunk wounds can happen for various reasons, including contact with a vehicle or from a storm, or because of improper pruning. If the damage is limited to less than 25 percent of the tree bark, you might be able to save the tree. It’s best to ask the professionals.

Don’t risk the health of your trees or your own safety by trying to handle tree emergencies on your own. Call the professionals for tree emergency services. Root Tree Service is family-owned and family-operated, and you just need to give us a call for your free estimate!
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