Denver Healthy Tree Care Service During a Construction Project

The main cause of the death of trees on residential properties is soil compaction. Construction projects that involve heavy equipment cause a lot of soil compaction, and if you are not careful, this can be damaging to trees—and can even lead to the death of an otherwise healthy tree. Often construction causes stress to trees, and they may not die for a couple of years—long after the construction project is over. Calling a healthy tree care service before your project starts is the best way to protect your trees, so they make it through construction and beyond.

How Construction Projects Damage Healthy Trees

Mature trees should be viewed as irreplaceable. They provide beauty and shade, and they are good for the environment. They also add value to the property. Protecting them during construction is crucial. (Colorado State University Extension has a list of trees that are more sensitive to construction projects in this document: Protecting Trees During Construction.)
  • Soil compaction is hard on tree roots. The ideal soil for trees has plenty of space for air and water. Heavy equipment, traffic, and piles of building materials pack down the soil, decreasing the air and water space around tree roots. Soil compaction can essentially smother the roots and kill the tree.
  • Heavy construction equipment can damage tree trunks and limbs. Injuries of this nature make trees vulnerable to fungi and disease.
  • Cutting into roots while digging can damage the entire root system, ultimately resulting in a tree that could topple over.
  • Removing trees or shrubs that have provided protection from wind and sun means a tree is suddenly exposed to the elements that can cause stress.
  • Roots can be smothered if the soil grade suddenly changes. Even a few inches of soil on top of the root area can deprive feed roots of essential air and water.
Prepare a Tree Preservation Plan

As the property owner, you are tasked with protecting the trees. This is where a healthy tree service can help. A site map should be created to show which trees you will be keeping. All responsible parties should be sure to get a copy of this, so these trees are taken into consideration when locating buildings, driveways, and utilities.

Contact Root Tree Service for Denver Healthy Tree Service Before Your Project Starts

Before you get started on your project, contact us for healthy tree service beforehand. We can provide guidance to your architect or contractor and help them choose the best practices to protect the trees on the property. You will save time and frustration if you include a healthy tree service consultation before the first of the heavy equipment rolls up to the property.

Give us a call before your next construction project takes a toll on your trees. We provide healthy tree service for the Denver metro area. Our family-owned and -operated tree service company will help ensure the health of your trees through a construction project and beyond. Contact us today for an estimate! 
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