Denver Tree Service Makes Tree Recommendations for Shade

Front Range weather is mild year-round, but being that we are about a mile closer to the sun, it can make for some pretty intense heat—especially at the height of the summer. Trees provide beauty to any landscape, but if you plant the right trees in the right areas of your landscape, you can actually create shade that can make your home cooler in the summer. 

A well-placed tree can cast enough shade on your home to reduce the amount of solar heat the building absorbs. This can help you save money on energy bills.

Here are some ideas from Denver tree service Root Tree Service. Before you start planting trees, there are some things you should know.

Deciduous Trees Are Better Than Coniferous Trees for Shade

If you want maximum shade, you’ll want to pick out deciduous trees for your landscape rather than coniferous trees.
Deciduous trees are those that shed their leaves annually; these are the trees whose leaves you’ll be raking come fall. Coniferous trees, on the other hand, produce needles. They also shed these needles, but they don’t do it as frequently as their deciduous counterparts. Although it might seem counterintuitive that coniferous trees are not the best choice, the fact is that deciduous trees grow fuller and provide a more complete canopy of shade.

Plant Trees on the West Side of Your Home

As the heat of the day builds, late afternoons and early evenings are a hot time of day. Add that to the setting sun still blazing on your house, and your air conditioner might struggle to keep up. Planting trees on the west side of your home can make a big difference. This doesn’t, of course, mean that you can’t plant trees on the east side of your house, but these trees won’t do as much when it comes to saving you money on cooling bills.

Plant Shrubs Around Your Air Conditioning Unit

This is something that many homeowners overlook, but planting shrubs to shade your air conditioner can make it up to 10 percent more efficient. And that savings can really add up during a hot summer.

If you protect your air conditioning unit from some of the sun’s hot rays and combine that with deciduous trees on the west side of your house, you can see noticeable savings on your home’s summer cooling expenses.

Take Good Care of Your Trees and Shrubs

Once you invest in trees and shrubs for your yard, be sure to take good care of them. If you neglect them, they will continue to grow—but they may develop problems. Regular pruning is essential to keep them strong and healthy.
When you need help with maintaining the trees on your property, give the professionals at Root Tree Service a call. We can help you with big and small jobs. Our family-owned and -operated tree service company will help keep your trees healthy so you can save money on cooling bills for years to come. Contact us today for an estimate!
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