Denver Tree Service Covers Caring for Your Trees During the Summer

You took good care of your trees all winter and into the spring, but now that the weather will soon be heating up, there are new tasks you should attend to that can help ensure your trees get through the summer. Even healthy trees need attention while they are in full bloom over the summer months. 

Here are some tips for taking care of your trees during the hot summer months on the Front Range of Colorado from your Denver tree service.

Prune Trees That Need It

Winter pruning is good for your trees, but sometimes light summer pruning is also a good idea. Some reasons you might want to consider summer pruning are as follows:
  • It gets rid of growth you don’t want, such as an errant branch that hangs too low.
  • It enables sunlight and air to get through the tree, which is a deterrent for pests and disease.
  • It can boost fruit growth on semi-dwarf fruit trees.
If you want to avoid summer pruning but notice a branch that needs to be removed, tie a string around the branch as a reminder in the fall.

Watch Out for Signs of Heat Stress

Hot weather can be tough on trees, and this can lead to heat stress. Here are some things to check for:
  • Dead or brown leaf tips
  • Dropping fruit or flowers
  • Poor fruit development
  • Dropping leaves and branches
  • Summer dormancy caused by stress
  • Wilting, yellow leaves
Watch Out for Signs of Water Stress

Heat stress is sometimes accompanied by water stress. This is because during the hot weather, the roots take in more water—and they do it quickly. To keep your trees from being water-stressed during the dry summer months, we recommend the following:
  • Make sure your trees have proper irrigation, especially during a heatwave. If you have an automatic irrigation system, make sure it’s working properly and hitting the trees on your property.
  • Put mulch around trees to keep moisture in and to protect roots from the heat.
  • Don’t use high-nitrogen, synthetic fertilizers on trees that are stressed. These will stimulate growth, and a stressed tree will use up precious reserves trying to make new leaves.
Take Special Care of New Trees

If you have recently added new trees to your yard, make sure to give them the proper tender loving care. Their new root systems may not be able to access all of the water that is needed, and they may struggle. When the weather gets hot, you should make sure these trees are getting plenty of water.

Keep Up With Routine Yard Maintenance

While you are out and about in your yard, it’s always a good idea to check trees. You are looking for any signs of pests or disease. It’s always easier to treat these problems when you catch them early. 

Schedule Your Denver Tree Service Early

Summer is a busy time of the year, so get your routine tree maintenance appointments scheduled in advance. Your trees will thank you. Contact Root Tree Service today!
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