Common Equipment Used by a Denver Tree Service Company

Many people underestimate just how highly specialized the tree service industry is. As a specialized industry, the professionals in tree service companies have a lot of specialized equipment that helps them get the job done. Most homeowners do not have the right equipment to take good care of their trees, which is just one of the reasons why it makes sense to hire a professional tree service company. The kind of equipment you see with a tree service company can also provide you with a glimpse into just what kind of company they are.
Let’s take a look at the standard equipment of most tree service companies.


If the tree service company pulls up in front of your home in an old, battered pickup truck, you might be looking at a less-than-reputable company. The professionals will have a well-maintained chip truck with a dump box on the back. The chip box is enclosed because it holds wood chips from the chipper. Most tree service professionals will use a wood chipper to dispose of wood-chip debris. This handy machine creates wood mulch from downed trees and branches. If you need the mulch for your yard, you might ask about keeping the wood chips created from your project.


This essential piece of equipment is used by both the professionals and homeowners, but the chainsaws will differ. The professionals will use a higher level of chainsaw than the average homeowner. When you hire the pros, they will more than likely have either a Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaw that should be clean and in good working shape.

Climbing Gear

The climbing aspect is one of the most dangerous parts of taking care of trees, and this is something that most homeowners should avoid. Not only do they likely not have the necessary gear, but they probably don’t have the skill. Falls from trees can result in some pretty serious injuries

Tree professionals will use the following equipment to keep them safe when they have to climb up into a tree:
  • Harness—also called a “saddle” or “climbing belt.” This piece of equipment is the most important element of climbing a tree, regardless of the climbing technique the tree service professional is using. It is the point of attachment for the rest of the climbing gear.
  • Work positioning lanyard. This is a rope (usually with a steel core) that is attached to one side of the harness and helps keep the climber in the tree.
  • Spurs. These are just what they sound like: the metal spikes that are attached to the climber’s boots. The climber can stab these into the tree as they climb and maneuver themselves.
  • Ropes. Additional ropes are used for ascending and descending into the canopy during rigging applications. They can also be used to lower and raise needed tools.
Contact a Denver Tree Service Company

When you need the professionals, contact Root Tree Service for quality tree care in Denver. We have the equipment needed to service your trees. We are also equipped for projects that require crane removal. Give us a call today!
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