Denver Tree Service Offers Tips on Planting Trees

Deciding what trees to plant is one of the most important landscape decisions a homeowner can make. After all, a tree that is taken care of and planted well could last a half-century or more!

Trees provide a lot of value: They lower energy costs. They add to property values. They increase a neighborhood’s appeal. They have even been known to reduce stress. 

Most Denver tree service professionals recommend planting trees in spring, with late summer to early fall being the second-best window of time. Try to avoid planting the same trees everyone else in your neighborhood has. Planting too many of the same trees can cause problems if disease or insects settle in; they are likely to take out an entire tree population.

Here’s what else you should know about planting trees.

The Essentials to Tree Planting

When choosing a tree from the nursery, but sure it looks healthy and does not have any pests or damage. Look for a tree that has no wilted leaves and branches that are growing evenly around the truck. Take a look at the tree’s root system with the help of nursery staff. 

Once you are ready to plant, ask yourself the following questions first:
  • Is there going to be enough room for the roots and the tree itself in the spot you are considering? You should know how tall the tree is going to be at full maturity and make sure there are no powerlines or structures that will interfere with its growth—or that have the potential to be damaged. Keep in mind that the nursery tag label will list the tree’s height at 10 years, but the tree will likely continue to grow and get taller over time.
  • How is the drainage in the area to be planted? If rainwater pools toward the tree, this could mean that the tree will get too much water. Just like not enough water, too much of it is not a good thing.
  • Will the tree get enough light in the planned area? Most trees prefer an east-facing location that offers a slight breeze. Small, ornamental trees such as dwarf fruit trees will not do well in full sun, west-facing locations or gusty winds. This is especially true when trees are new; the first year of a tree’s life is critical to its long-term survival.
There are some other steps you should take before planting your tree:

Keep the tree moist and in a shaded area before you get started with the planting. Handle it gently.
  • Be sure to call 8-1-1 before you start digging. There is a free service that will help locate underground utility lines so you can plant safely.
  • Don’t plant the tree too deep in the ground. 
  • Be sure to plant so the root system is placed into the ground correctly. 
  • You probably don’t have to stake the tree unless you believe it is vulnerable to wind gusts.
Contact a Denver Tree Service Company

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