What You Should Look for in a Denver Tree Service Company

If you have trees on your property, chances are you’ll need a Denver tree service at some point. Many homeowners hire a tree service for routine maintenance, but there are times when hiring a tree service just makes sense, such as if a tree is infested with pests or needs to be chopped down.

Here are the things you should keep in mind when you are ready to hire a tree service company.


You can check online reviews of potential companies, but you can also ask companies for references from satisfied customers. It’s best to get references on a job that is comparable to the one that you need done. If a tree service company is unwilling to provide these, your safest bet is to move on to another company.


Tree service companies are not created equal, and they do not all have the same kind of equipment. Ask the company you are considering how they will go about the job you want to hire them for and what type of equipment they’ll use to do it. For example, if you need a large tree stump removed from your yard, a company might not have a stump grinder, so this should factor into your decision as to which company to hire.


Make sure the company holds all employees to a rigorous standard of safety. All employees should wear safety equipment such as hard hats and comply with all OSHA regulations. You don’t want to place your trust with a company that does not care about the safety of its workers.


Not all insurance is the same, and if the company you hire does not have the proper liability insurance, they might not cover any damage that befalls your home under their watch. You will also want to ensure that the company has workers’ comp insurance so you are not going to be the responsible party if someone is injured while they are performing work on your property.


Ask about the credentials of the employees working for the company and find out if they have the appropriate training to perform the work. If your tree service professionals don’t know how to do the job properly, they can do a lot more harm than good. 


When speaking with the tree service company, get an estimate from them for how long they expect the project to take. Different companies will give you dramatically different answers, so you will need to consider what seems to you to be a reasonable amount of time. Obviously, the more involved the project, the longer it will take.


Price is always a consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only one. But you have every right to ask for a detailed breakdown on potential charges, getting it in print. If a company resists doing this, they might be planning to squeeze you for additional money—and you definitely want to avoid this.

Once you have had your questions answered and are comfortable with your choice, you can rest assured that your tree service company will perform the work safely and efficiently. We welcome you to get in touch with Root Tree Service—and we would be happy to help!
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