To Grind or Not to Grind: Denver Tree Service Company Answers Your Questions About Stumps

You have finally gotten around to getting rid of that old dead tree in your backyard, and now all you are left with is a large stump. What should you do about it? If you talk to a Denver tree service, they will most likely recommend that you get rid of the stump. How should you do that? Let’s talk about why grinding is probably the best option for removing a tree stump from your property—safely.

What Is a Stump Grinder?

A stump grinder is a powerful piece of machinery that looks a bit like an amalgam of a lawnmower and a circular saw. This professional-grade equipment rolls up to the stump and essentially does what the name implies: It grinds up the stump into tiny little pieces.

How Does It Work?

A stump grinder uses a powerful blade that rotates into the wood, ripping the wood into tiny pieces as it turns. It chews away at the stump that remains after a felled tree. The blade has teeth that chip away at the wood, leaving only small pieces behind. It goes all the way below ground level to reach the stump underneath.

What Do You Do With the Wood Chips That Remain?

After chewing away at a large stump, there will be a lot of wood chips left behind—and probably a lot more than you expected. There are a few things you can do with them. You can use them for mulch in other areas of your yard—or you can get rid of them in your green waste can. Since you’ll have a hole in your yard from the stump grinding, you could fill the hole with the wood chips—and plant a shrub or new tree in the area. Or you can fill in the hole with the chips, cover it with dirt or grass even with the yard around it, and let the chips decay naturally.

Can I Rent a Stump Grinder and Do the Job Myself?

If you have a smaller stump, you probably can. But keep in mind that the stump grinders available for rent by homeowners are not as powerful as those the professionals use. The stump grinders used by professionals are powerful—and operators are trained to use them properly. If you DIY with one of these, your chances of injury are high. Unless you are certain of your skill level in using such a machine, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Can I Just Leave the Tree Stump Where It Is?

You can leave the stump if you choose, but there are some things to consider. First of all, most homeowners don’t expect to have as much tree stump left behind as they end up with—and it will stand out in the yard. If your landscaping is neat and tidy, it could be an eyesore. It can also be a tripping hazard. If you grind the stump, you have options for the space left behind.

Since tree grinding goes below the surface, you won’t have to worry about your tree stump resprouting—a real possibility if you leave the stump. This will mean the added chore of removing the suckers that keep popping up.

Does your property have a tree stump that needs grinding? Give the professionals at Root Tree Service a call. Contact us today!

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