The Importance of Stump Grinding From a Denver Tree Service

August 31, 2021

Once you have removed a large tree from your property, it can be tempting to call the job complete after the tree is gone. But the tree stump left behind isn’t going anywhere. It might even cause you problems you hadn’t considered. It should be noted, however, that removing a tree stump isn’t an easy task, so you are better off calling a Denver tree service to do the work for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Tree Stump After Tree Removal

Here are just a few of the issues that a tree stump can cause:

  • Pests, such as ants, beetles, and cockroaches, like nothing better than to settle into old tree stumps. These are pests you do not want to set up residence on anywhere near your house. Larger tree stumps can attract larger pests, such as squirrels, snakes, and raccoons. 
  • A leftover stump is a hazard if you or your family will be walking around your yard. It creates a tripping hazard. In addition, it is a hassle to have to go around it every time you mow the grass. Even if the trunk is trimmed to be close to the ground and you mow over it, this could damage your mower’s blades. 
  • Tree stumps that are left after a tree is taken down are not aesthetically pleasing. Even if you go through the effort to make the trunk look nice, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to avoid the aforementioned pests.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Digging a stump out of the ground is a tough job. You will need some serious tools, including a shovel, an ax, and a sledgehammer. And the older the tree, the more effort it will take to get at the root system. You also risk damaging the surrounding area. Then there is the question of what you should do with the stump once you’ve severed it from its roots. Hauling it away is another laborious job, and you could damage surrounding landscapes and patios when doing so. You also risk damaging the vehicle you haul it away in.

Stump grinding, on the other hand, offers the following benefits:

  • It gets the job done relatively simply—even if the stump is in a tight space such as close to a building or a fence. You won’t have to spend the day whacking at a root system when you leave stump grinding to the professionals.
  • Stump grinders can go under the soil line. By grinding the stump a few inches below the surface, you will have no worries about having to navigate your lawnmower around it—and there won’t be a tripping hazard.

Stump grinding machines have very sharp blades and cause wood chips to fly around, so it’s best to leave the job to the pros.

Contact Root Tree Service for Stump Grinding

If you’ve removed a tree from your yard and have a hazardous trunk left behind, look no further than Root Tree Service for professional stump grinding. Contact us today!

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