Why Trees Are Good for the Environment

October 18, 2021

Planting trees in your neighborhood not only beautifies your street, but it’s also good for the local environment and the planet. Most people have a vague idea about the fact that trees are good for the environment, but they don’t realize just how many benefits there are. In addition to the social and economic benefits of trees, they also produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide and other contaminants from the air.

Let’s take a look at just how good trees are for the environment.

Why You Should Plant More Trees

Trees do a lot for the environment. In fact, according to many environmental groups, trees are like the lungs of the planet. They take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. They also provide a place for birds and other wildlife to live. 

If you’ve ever heard of the greenhouse effect, you should know that trees are essential. Trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give us oxygen in return. According to ColoradoTree.org, there are 800 million tons of carbon stored in trees across urban areas in the United States. What does this mean? It adds up to a savings of $22 billion in control costs. Given that mature trees can absorb about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, they release enough oxygen to keep two humans alive.

Trees also help to reduce runoff and erosion by protecting the ground when heavy rains fall. In urban areas, trees help to keep down ozone levels. They also provide shade and can keep people—and buildings--cooler in hot weather.

Trees also cut down on noise pollution because they absorb sound. This can be especially important for people who live near busy interstate highways. 

How Trees Help Save Energy

Shade trees planted near homes save more energy than a lot of people think. Some experts believe that the shade of a large tree blocking a home from the heat of the sun is akin to running a dozen room-size air conditioners. 

Trees also provide benefits in colder weather, acting as a windbreak for buildings, which helps save on heating costs. Some experts believe trees can save up to 25 percent on heating costs. If a city has enough trees, this can reduce the overall high temperature of the day.

How Trees Provide Health Benefits

In addition to cost and energy savings, trees also provide health benefits. Just being around trees can be a mood booster. Planting trees in a neighborhood improves the mental and physical health of residents. Even trees planted around an office building can increase the overall satisfaction of workers. There have also been studies showing that trees can provide a form of therapy for kids with learning disorders, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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