The Top Signs You Need to Trim Your Trees

Your home’s trees do more than provide you with shade during the summer. They also improve curb appeal and can increase your home’s value. However, to do that, they need to be in good condition and that means staying on top of trimming and growth control. While winter may be a less-desirable time to trim your trees, there are a few instances when trimming isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential. Here’s what to look for. 

The Limbs Are Brushing Against Your Roof
Trees that overhang homes can provide lots of shade during the summer, but they’re particularly hazardous during the winter months. All the snow and ice that collects on those branches puts extra weight on the limb. Over time, it’s not uncommon for branches to snap and, if they overhang your roof, you could end up with an expensive repair on your hands. 

Walk around the outside of your home and see if there are any branches close to your roofline or your home. If there are, it’s best to call your plant health care team and schedule a trimming. Once trimmed, your tree’s growth will be better controlled, and you’ll be less likely to have to worry about a branch damaging your roof.

The Branches Could Damage Your Personal Property
If you park your car in your driveway rather than in a garage, you’ll want to pay close attention to the trees near your driveway. If the branches are hanging too low, you risk scratching your car’s paint job or having to deal with dents and damage if the branch falls during extreme weather. 

If you notice low-hanging branches or just feel that some of the limbs are too close to your car for comfort, don’t wait. Get them trimmed as soon as possible. 

A Limb Is Already Broken
Broken tree limbs may seem harmless, but they can actually cause a lot of damage both to your property and the tree itself. That break leaves room for insects, pests, and other unwanted critters to nest in the tree. Once this happens, the rest of the tree is at risk for further infestation and disease. Worse, that damaged limb could fall at any time, putting you at risk for injury and property damage.

Inspect the trees on your property and look for any broken or damaged limbs. If you notice any, make sure to get them trimmed and removed by a professional as soon as you can.

The Branches Are Close to Power Lines
During the fall and winter, more homeowners rely on electricity to heat their homes. Unfortunately, if tree branches fall into power lines, they can disrupt service for days at a time. Take a walk around your property and make sure the trees in your yard aren’t growing close to power lines. If they are or you notice branches hanging over the power lines, schedule an appointment with your trusted tree expert. They’ll be able to remove the hazardous growth quickly. 

Take Care of Your Trees Now
Taking care of tree trimming now will set you up for a successful and less-damaging winter. If you’re worried about a tree’s health on your property or notice limbs that could benefit from being cut back, contact Root Tree Service to schedule a consultation.  
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