All About Bark Spraying for Emerald Ash Borers

Emerald ash borers may be on the rise in the greater Denver area. But there are many treatment options to help homeowners protect their trees and deal with active infestations. However, before you can choose the right treatment protocol for your home and your property, you need to fully understand each treatment type. Here’s what you need to know about the bark spraying treatment method and how to decide if it’s the right fit for your ash trees.

What Is the Bark Spray Treatment Method?
The bark spray treatment method works just the way you expect it to—insecticide is sprayed on the outside of the tree by an experienced professional. As with other treatment methods, the insecticide won’t hurt the tree. However, it will target the eggs, larvae, and adult emerald ash borers close to the surface of the bark. After application, the tree will be able to absorb the pesticide through the bark and circulate it throughout its system to better target active infestations. You’ll effectively be targeting ash borers in two ways: through direct contact and through the interior of the tree after the pesticide circulates.

How It Works
During treatment, your technician will spray the trunk of the tree from about 6 feet high down to the ground. They’ll do this around the entire trunk, being careful to spray an even coating of pesticide around the tree. The spray is applied with a simple nozzle similar to the ones you’d see during pest control appointments inside your home. This allows the technician to apply the spray in a controlled manner and ensures that the insecticide is only applied where it will do the most good. As with any insecticide, there’s a chance that the solution will damage nearby plants, so it’s best to move potted plants away from the site and cover any flowering plants you want to protect.

How to Tell if Bark Spraying Is Right for Your Ash Trees
The best way to determine if bark spraying is the right choice for your trees is to schedule an appointment with your trusted emerald ash borer removal specialist. They’ll be able to assess your trees and determine how extensive the infestation is. Once they know how severe the problem is, they’ll be able to determine what type of treatment plan will work for your trees.

Unfortunately, figuring out if bark spraying is the right fit for your property isn’t something you can do yourself. You’ll need to work with an experienced technician throughout the entire process.

Let the Team at Root Tree Service Help
If you’re worried about emerald ash borers on your property, don’t let them go untreated. Schedule a consultation with the team at Root Tree Service as soon as possible. Our experienced professionals know what to look for and will be able to assess the extent of the infestation quickly. Once we know how severe the infestation is, we’ll help you choose the right treatment protocol for your trees and your unique property.
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