How to Protect Your Trees From Your Lawncare Efforts

With summer on its way, taking care of your lawn is likely a priority. After all, if you let it grow unchecked, your neighbors might complain or your homeowners’ association may charge you a fee for failing to keep your grass in good shape. But taking care of your lawn often endangers your trees, especially if they’re new or young. While professional tree trimming services can help you control excess growth, you’ll need to make sure your trees stay safe as you take care of your lawn. Here are a few proven tips to help.

Add Decorative and Protective Borders
Mowing the grass can put your trees at risk if the blades from the mower get too close to the trunk or cut into the roots still sitting on the surface of the soil. The easiest way to keep your trees safe is to add a protective border around your trees. Lay decorative bricks in a circle several feet in diameter to give your tree’s roots enough space to grow. If bricks are out of your budget or you just want to keep things simple, use metal edging to create a protective barrier. This way, you’ll have a visual and physical barrier between your lawn mower and your trees’ roots. 

Spread Mulch Around the Roots
If protective borders around your trees don’t sound appealing or you don’t want to add visual clutter to your yard, spreading mulch could be a great option. A thin layer of mulch over your tree's roots can help protect them from lawn mower blades and damage. Even better, the mulch will break down over time and deposit nutrients in the soil around your trees. Those nutrients can support your trees’ growth and encourage better health and blooms in the long run.

Remove Weeds By Hand
Weedkillers like Roundup can kill plants indiscriminately. Unfortunately, trees aren’t immune to herbicides and, if you spread enough near them, you could hurt your trees’ growth. Instead of using herbicides to kill weeds around your lawn, pull those weeds by hand or hire a landscaping team to do it for you. This will help you better protect your yard. Further, you won’t have to worry about your kids and pets being exposed to an extremely toxic substance. 

Don’t Rush the Process
Rushing through our lawncare efforts can end up increasing your risk of damaging your trees and other plants. Instead of trying to get the task taken care of as fast as possible, take your time. Be mindful of where your lawn mower is at all times and if you get too close to your trees, change course or turn the lawn mower off to prevent damage. 

Use Weedwhackers and Edgers as Needed
If you have tons of grass growing up against your trees, you can still trim it away. You’ll just need to ditch the lawn mower in favor of a weedwhacker or edger. These tools let you trim excess grass and weeds away with more precision than lawnmowers offer. 

Keep Your Trees Growing Strong
As long as you follow these lawn care tips, you’ll be able to keep your trees looking great and growing strong all summer long. Just remember that proper lawn care is just one task you’ll need to take care of if you want to keep your landscaping looking impactful. If you’re not sure where to start or need help managing your trees, contact Root Tree Service to schedule an appointment.
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