How to Protect Your Trees From Damaging Winds

Winter can bring with it heavy snowfall, but that’s not the only threat your trees can face. Just like in spring, the Front Range can get some serious winds that put your trees and your landscaping at risk of severe damage. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to protect your trees from wind damage, even between appointments with your plant health care team. Here’s what you need to know to protect the trees at your Denver home.

Add Supports for Young Trees
Young trees are particularly vulnerable to high winds because their root systems are less developed. This means they have less material anchoring them in the soil and, if winds are high enough, they may uproot. Instead of letting your trees experience excess stress during high wind events, give them some added support. Garden stakes with durable cords, padded wire, or other anchors can strengthen the tree’s trunk and keep it from flexing too much in the wind. Even better, they can act as root supports to keep the tree firmly in place.

Trim and Prune Excess Growth
Wind can easily break branches and the larger the branches are, the more likely it is that your property and your landscaping will suffer severe damage. Stay on top of pruning and trimming your trees. This will help remove excess growth that could otherwise break off during high-wind events. Keep in mind that pruning and trimming may not prevent all breakage. But it will help reduce the impact your yard experiences if any branches do break.

Use Covers the Right Way
If you have very young trees and shrubs, covering them with a burlap sack or designated tree cover can help protect them from the wind. This keeps individual branches and limbs from moving in the wind and reduces the amount of stress the plant experiences when the winds kick up. These covers are designed to be temporary, though. Make sure to only put them on when high winds are in the forecast and remove them as soon as the winds die down.

Get Help From Tree Care Experts
It’s always a good idea to get your trees inspected by an experienced plant health care team throughout the year. If you’re worried about your trees and want to set them up for success during high-wind events, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment. Your plant health care team will be able to assess your trees’ conditions and make sure they’re ready to handle wind without experiencing damage. Even better, they’ll be able to trim any extra growth so you can have confidence that your trees are healthy, no matter the season.

Schedule an Appointment Today
Wind shouldn’t make your yard look covered in debris. And when your trees are trimmed the right way, your yard should stay clear of large limbs and branches after high winds pick up. Don’t wait. Contact Root Tree Service today to schedule an appointment and let our team help you with all of your tree trimming needs.
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