How to Get Your Property Ready for Tree Removal

When the growing season is in full swing, it’s normal to see a few trees on your property underperforming. Though most will bounce back and grow normally, some trees may not be able to recover from whatever disease, damage, or ailment that’s impeding their growth. Once this happens, you’ll likely want to get the tree removed to protect the rest of your property. Before the big day, you’ll want to make sure your property is ready for your tree removal appointment. Here are a few key things to take care of before the crew arrives.

Clear Your Driveway
One of the most important things you’ll want to take care of when getting your property ready for tree removal is making sure your driveway is free and clear of any obstructions. If you have a garage, plan on parking your car inside during the appointment. If you don’t, move your car to the street away from the tree that will be removed. This way, your tree care team will be able to park close to the tree and won’t have to haul their equipment long distances.

Pick Up Lawn Furniture and Decorations
Tree removal creates tons of debris, even under ideal conditions. If you have lawn furniture or decorations near the tree, you risk damaging them during the appointment. Rather than leaving them out, take the time to pick them up and move your furniture and decorations to a safe location. Moving everything to the back porch, inside your entryway, or even alongside your house away from the damaged tree should be enough to protect your furniture from damage. If you’re not sure where to move outdoor items, you can always ask your tree removal team. They’ll be able to tell you which parts of your yard will be the safest.

Have a Plan for Pets 
During the appointment, you’ll need to keep any pets away from your yard and the tree that’s being removed. This helps your tree care team work quickly and without worrying about injuring anyone. If you can, keep your pets inside the house. If you can’t leave them indoors, consider boarding them at a local kennel or at your vet’s office for the day. This way, they’ll stay safe and won’t interfere with the tree removal. 

Talk to Your Neighbors
Prior to the appointment, it’s always a good idea to let your neighbors know what’s going on. Though your tree care team will do everything they can to prevent excess debris from reaching your neighbors’ yards, the tree removal process can be noisy and disruptive to those around you. Tell your neighbors about your upcoming tree removal appointment and let them know what time they may expect to hear noise from your yard.

Schedule Your Tree Removal Appointment Today
Leaving a damaged or dying tree on your property is never the right solution. If you’re worried about the condition of your trees or know that one needs to be removed, don’t wait. Schedule a consultation with Root Tree Service and let our team safely remove your dead or dying trees.
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