How Caring for Your Trees Helps the Environment

As a homeowner, you know that taking care of your landscaping can have a major impact on your home. Beautiful landscaping adds value to your property, makes your home look nicer, and can even satisfy strict HOA requirements so you can avoid having to pay steep fines. While all plants are beneficial, your trees do more than just help your property maintain its value. They can also benefit the environment in ways you might not know. Your plant health care team at Root Tree Service wants you to fully understand just how important your trees are. Here’s how the trees in your yard can help the environment.

Reduces the Risk of Erosion
Trees have extensive root systems responsible for bringing water and nutrients from the soil to the tree itself. But those roots do far more than supply the tree with the nutrients it needs to grow. They also hold the soil in place. This helps reduce the risk of erosion which makes your yard and the rest of Denver’s delicate ecosystem safer in the long run. Once erosion starts, the excess dirt can move into the water supply, changing drainage patterns, introducing pesticides and herbicides to the wild, and altering the natural habitat for much of the local wildlife. By caring for your trees, you’ll dramatically reduce the risk of erosion, preserving the natural world you love.

Keeps Your Home Cooler
One of the biggest benefits of having trees on your property is the shade they create. Even a little shade reaching your house can help you keep it cooler during those scorching summer afternoons. Those cooler indoor temperatures mean your home’s cooling system won’t have to work as hard, which in turn means your home uses less energy than it otherwise would. The less energy you use, the smaller your carbon footprint will be. A small carbon footprint means you’re putting less strain on the environment. 

Creates Homes for Beneficial Wildlife
Believe it or not, much of the wildlife in the city is actually beneficial, even if most of us consider them pests or rodents. Trees create homes and provide a regular food source for beneficial wildlife like birds, possums, and even some snakes. These critters all eat insects and small rodents that could infest your home and do serious damage.  And the more they eat, the more controlled the populations will be. That helps reduce the amount of pesticides you’ll need to use around your home, which can help keep the water supply and surrounding ecosystem more pristine.

Boosts Your Mood
Trees can also help boost your mood and help you relax. When you feel happy and relaxed, you’ll be more likely to take on additional tasks like cleaning up trash in your community or making an effort to recycle what you can rather than tossing everything in the trash.

Let Root Tree Service Help You Care for Your Trees
Trees do far more than just make your property look nicer. They also benefit the environment. But to get the biggest impact possible, you’ll want to make sure your trees are in good shape all year long. Contact Root Tree Service to schedule an appointment.
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